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A Showcase for Unique Concepts

Workington Skills Fair

In National Apprentice Week the opportunity was taken to participate in the Workington Skills Fair, promoted by Mark Jenkinson, MP, and supported by Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan. TCL-Cumbria displayed a range of products alongside Barclays Eagle Labs stand.

Highlights included a Modular Vertical Farm Cube (MVFC) a self-assembly kit to grow food at home, a no-moving parts pump that can move and process all types of water and slurries, without blocking (GALT), and, perhaps the most significant, a compact hydro energy device (CHED).

The CHED concept has a unique internal part, known as The Stephenson Turbine, that has been awarded design rights and the complete product has Patent Pending status. Working with Lancaster University’s Engineering Department, the aim is to have full optimisation of affordable micro hydro energy technology, providing electricity from multiple water sources – pumped hydro, open water, and rivers – especially for rural and remote location, in the next 12-18 months.