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TCL Announces Sponsorship of Newly Formed Under 18 Rugby League League in West Cumbria.

Ian Stephenson, TCL with the West Cumbria Under 18 rugby league team ©️ Ben Challis, Sports Photography

TCL, a leading design and innovation company based in Whitehaven, Cumbria, is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the newly formed Under 18 Rugby League League in the region. This sponsorship underscores TCL’s commitment to supporting local sports and youth development initiatives within the community.

The TCL-Cumbria U18 amateur rugby leagues aim to provide a measured and appropriate sporting activity for young athletes, fostering physical development, skill enhancement, and teamwork. Ian Stephenson, Managing Director of TCL stated, “I am tremendously supportive of the principle to provide sporting activity that is measured and appropriate to age groups. By establishing a category that slots between the under 16’s and open-age rugby, this must help in so many ways.”

The league’s structure acknowledges the varying rates of physical and mental development among young athletes, with a focus on player well-being. Talks have been held with local officials, including Alan Davidson, the England Rugby League National Development Manager, to ensure the league’s alignment with best practices in youth sports development.

The launch event, hosted by Paul Farrell, PE master at St Benedict’s High School, Whitehaven, garnered support from Joe Elliott, Chairman of West Cumbria Youth & Junior Amateur Rugby League, who remarked, “This should also help with retention and maintain playing numbers throughout all age ranges, something for all clubs in West Cumbria to build on.”

TCL’s commitment to the TCL-Cumbria U18 amateur rugby leagues spans the next five years, aiming to encourage team participation and long-term success. Ian Stephenson added, “By making a long-term commitment, this should encourage more teams to take part. The more successful it is, the greater the likelihood of extending the programme to establish inter-county leagues with Lancashire and Yorkshire, who already run under-18’s competition.”

The inaugural season of the TCL-Cumbria U18 amateur rugby leagues kicks off on Wednesday 10 April, continuing through the summer to a round of play-offs, culminating in the grand final at the end of July.

TCL is proud to support initiatives that promote youth development, community engagement, and sporting excellence in West Cumbria and beyond.

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Contact: Ian Stephenson, Managing Director TCL