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PAD-LPMK130 Low Pressure Pneumatic Audible Devices

Pneumatic Audible Devices

Low Pressure Pneumatic Audible Devices can be used in a wide variety of industrial environments Particularly where pneumatics are preferred to electrics or electronics in hazardous areas as alternatives to horns, klaxons, sirens, whistles
Although designed for mounting into a control panel, the materials of constructions make the device
suitable for many applications in exposed conditions Also available: Ancillary Equipment, Specials and Complete Systems

Pneumatic Operation
– low pressure 10-30psi

High Pitched Blast
– 80 to 120 Dba/ 2800 to 3200Hz
– audible up to 100 metres

Robust Construction
– non-corroding/dirt resistant
– high impact materials

– internal, external & remote siting
– compact configuration

Simple Installation
– flush panel mounting
– free-standing bracket


£ 68 . 00
  • Low Pressure Model


£ 77 . 00
  • Low Pressure Model

Ancillaries & Support Products


£ 8 . 00
  • Mounting Bracket


£ 98 . 00
  • Variable Signal Generator

Other ancillaries, switches, complete control systems POA