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From Temperate to Tropical – a Modular Vertical, No-Soil, Food Growing Alternative

After 20+ weeks of designing, researching, prototyping, coding, and testing, with 25 finalists across the globe posting 94 Blogs and 46 Videos created, the judges selected their favourites!

Grand Prize/Gold – Bruno Santos/Portugal  – Space Vegetables

Runner Up/Silver – Milos Rasic/Serbia  – Robot Assisted Garden AKA R.A.G

Finishers/Bronze – Ian Stephenson/UK – Modular Water Distribution System

Commendation from panel:

“Ian created a wonderful mechanism that pressurizes and atomizes the water source in the bottom of the container; this system then equally distributes water across the multiple levels of the grow enclosure. A new and novel method of watering, which we found very exciting!”

The approach taken by Ian was to build a scale model of the complete system, including LED lighting on all four levels and a ‘power-station’ that included a basement tank, a telescopic pump and free-standing, receiver mounted air compressor, with auto-switching controls


The concept behind one of the features of the Modular Vertical Farm design was based on standard Compressed Air powered GIZZMOTO 25 mm and 50 mm bore Hydroponic Pumps, fitted with multi-stage telescopic extensions that can be controlled Pneumatically to reach different heights.

Pre-set functions include atomised ambient air, atomised ambient water, atomised warm air, atomised warm water, or a combination of atomised warm air and warm water. This offers a combined solution for hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems, with the added benefit of temperature control to achieve temperate to tropical conditions

Fig. 1

Modular Vertical Farm System Schematic

Fig. 2

Modular Vertical Farm Controls System Diagram

Fig. 3

Complete small-scale working system with containers and LED lighting

Fig. 4

Power-station, including basement tank, telescopic pump and air compressor

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